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Keep your intruder alarm properly serviced and tested to secure your property


It’s vital to keep your security system in good working order to reduce false alarms and to ensure that the alarm will be raised in the event of a break-in.


One-off call outs to repair your intruder alarm


We recommend customers to have a regular maintenance visit from one of our               qualified engineers. But if you don't want to commit to a maintenance contract for your intruder alarm, you can request an engineer visit for a one-off call-out fee.

Depending on the alarm system and the problem, this is usually £75 for a home alarm and £115 for a commercial alarm.


Annual intruder alarm maintenance packages


A maintenance contract will ensure that your intruder alarm is inspected and tested regularly, and can often pre-empt issues with your alarm system which would otherwise require an emergency call-out. As a contract customer, you are also guaranteed a response to an emergency call within 4 hours.

Even if your burglar alarm was installed by another company, we are happy to take over and maintain any kind of security system.

A take over fee applies which covers an engineer visiting your property to inspect, test and reprogramme your alarm. But as all of our engineers are trained to service a wide range of intruder alarm products, you can rely on us to deal quickly and efficiently with any existing faults and issues you may be experiencing, and tokeep your alarm system working


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Receive information from our staff concerning the planning and implementation of all security installations and maintenance.

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